S5-GAM1-2 - Validation of a Gamified Framework for Teaching and Learning for Algorithms Subject from a Control Group

2. Research-to-Practice Full Paper
José Augusto de Sena Quaresma1 , Sandro Ronaldo Bezerra Oliveira1, Marianne Kogut Eliasquevici1
1 Federal University of Pará

This Research to Practice Full Paper presents the gamification as a teaching and learning practice that can be applied as a positive result allowing students to develop the necessary skills for the content of the Algorithms subject. In this context, we have as a guiding question for this work: How to validate a gamified framework for the Algorithms subject or equivalent for undergraduate courses in Information Technology? Thus, the main goal of this work is to validate the gamified approach proposed for the Algorithms subject in undergraduate courses in Information Technology. The gamified framework for the Algorithms subject or equivalent is an alternative to the teaching and learning process, which provides greater performance, as well as a motivation for students to be interacting in their learning process. Through the validation process, we can see that compared to the previously acquired grades, students achieved a higher performance. In addition, through the analysis within the same class between forms in the professor’s practice, that is, the comparison of how the subject is taught with the gamified approach, we perceive a greater engagement of the students for the delivery of activities and participation in the class.