S4-CT5-1 - On the Use of Low Cost Devices for the Validation of Theoretical Lessons at an Undergraduate Level

1. Innovative Practice Full Paper
Juan A. Becerra1 , MarĂ­a J. Madero-Ayora1
1 Universidad de Sevilla

This Innovative Practice Work-In-Progress presents the application of low-cost technology for the creation of practical demonstrations in the validation of theoretical lessons concepts. The creation of new activities is based on the fact that equipment related to laboratory sessions is costly and therefore difficult to access for the students. With this methodology, we expect an increase in the motivation and satisfaction of the students as well as a tool for themselves to experiment individually. Hardware as the well-known Raspberry Pi working with devices such as a software-defined radio (SDR) dongle and a sensor board were used in the experiments. Preliminary results show the students acceptance, becoming a promising technique in undergraduate-level courses.