S10-DISC5-1 - Leveraging Mixed Reality and the Three Apprenticeships Model to Facilitate Authentic Learning Experiences for Civil Engineering Students

3. Research Work In Progress
Logan Perry1 , Jeremi London1, Wei Wu2, Steven Ayer3, Kieren Smith3, Karan Patil3
1 Virginia Tech, Department of Engineering Education
2 California State University, Fresno, Department of Construction Management
3 Arizona State University, School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment

This work-in-progress paper presents highlights from a multi-year study aiming to develop and assess the impact of a mixed reality experience that sufficiently replicates the learning civil engineering students experience during a physical design and construction task. Human Centered Design principles and tenets of the Carnegie Foundation’s Three Apprenticeships Model (i.e., learning related to “Head”, “Hand”, and “Heart”) inform the project design, development, and assessments.  The development of heart-focused assessments is one focus during the second year in this three-year project. This paper includes a brief overview of the project progress, in general, along with preliminary findings regarding the instrument development. It summarizes the results of a pilot study, including an item analysis of the survey responses. These findings offer preliminary evidence for the content validity and substantive validity of the instrument. Next steps and implications for the engineering education community are also discussed.