F7-AL4-4 - Applying Social Constructivism in Model-based Systems Engineering Online Instructional Module for Engineering Professionals

2. Research-to-Practice Work In Progress
Tiantian Li1 , Kerrie Douglas1, Ha Phuong Le1, Ali Raz1, WanJu Huang1, Audeen Fentiman1
1 Purdue University

Keywords: online learning, Model-based systems engineering, professional development, social constructivism

Topics: Socio-cultural pedagogies, interactive learning, active learning



This research-to-practice WIP (Work In Progress) presents the design and assessment of online Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) modules for practicing engineers using social constructivism as a theoretical framework. Despite many advantages of MBSE, experts in this field are still scarce in the current engineering workforce. To address this need, an online module that will be deployed in the summer of 2020 targets practicing engineers as its learners to equip them with MBSE-related knowledge and skills. In industry, teams working on MBSE-related projects usually collaborate across multidisciplinary units. Therefore, social interaction plays an integral role in MBSE training programs. To understand how group interaction could foster learning in online engineering modules, we apply social constructivism as a theoretical framework to engage learners in meaningful interactions and facilitate the acquisition and application of knowledge.  The modules will utilize deep-level, student-centered, small-group discussions, and peer review between student groups as forms of social learning in authentic engineering assignments. The assessment of the modules will focus on the effectiveness of social learning in promoting the mastery and application of content knowledge.