S5-GAM1-1 - A Teaching Proposal for the Software Measurement Process using Gamification: An Experimental Study

2. Research-to-Practice Full Paper
Lennon Sales Furtado1 , Sandro Ronaldo Bezerra Oliveira1
1 Federal University of ParĂ¡

This Research to Practice Full Paper presents a proposal to teach the software measurement process from a gamification class that makes use of games elements and serious game. This class aims to encourage interaction in the classroom and thereby foster interest in the process. In addition, the proposal was applied in two classes with a total of 22 students from a Federal University in Brazil. As a result, one of the experiments yielded a level of 80% of the evaluations with positive criteria for the class using the gamification. Finally, the gamification had a positive effect on those involved when it is not only the use of game elements in a non-gaming context, but it is the intelligent use of this concept. In conclusion, the proposal helped in the teaching process of software measurement from the creation of a competitive and collaborative environment with the core in classroom interactions.