S1-FY6-3 - Introduction to the Impact of a Learning and Management Skills Course in the First Year of Engineering Studies

3. Research Work In Progress
Gabriela Dorfman Furman1
1 Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art

This research work in progress examines the impact of a learning and management skills course on first year of engineering studies, as perceived by the students. The purpose of the course is two-fold: 1. Improve essential learning skills for engineers in the 21st century, including collaboration, communication, information literacy and time management. 2. Reduce undergraduates’ dropout from engineering studies.

The course is based on student-centered theories and learning approaches and was given during the first semester of engineering studies at Shenkar College. The course made use of: dynamic content, access to information, group and individual tasks, interaction and reflection. Twenty-three students participated in this 4-month course. Evaluation and monitoring tools include observations, questionnaires, as well as performance ranking of short- and long-term tasks during the course duration.

This paper summarizes the planned assessment and evaluation methods to compare quantitative and qualitative results. Preliminary results show a positive trend regarding students' perception of the effect of the course and the application of study skills strategies to their academic work.