S1-COMP8-1 - Pros and Cons of Digital and Tangible Wireframes

1. Innovative Practice Work In Progress
Sutipong Sutipitakwong1 , Pornsuree Jamsri1
1 King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

This research was conducted to analyze how tangible wireframe can be more effective than digital wireframes as proven through different tests and processes. It is predicated that tangible wireframes are easier to work with and can provide a better understanding or a clearer view of the objective of a product. To understand these factors, this research focuses on three main components of the wireframe: Design, Feature, and Layout. These components will lead to the functionality and performance of the end product. Research information has been collected from a secondary source of data gathered from an IT college classroom activity. The group work activity was conducted with skilled and lower skilled participants regarding experience in website design. The results showed contributions to the computing educational field to gather the right approach at the right stage with the right group. Introducing the right tools--digital or tangible wireframe--is counted as an initial important step to put the idea of team effectiveness onto the table. This starts from the developing concept through design and continual implementation to the finished product with a specific group of users. Therefore, this research will help improve the understanding of how to teach and guide web development in adapting it to be suitable for different types of skilled and unskilled users breaking it up into different levels as beginner, average, and expert in using wireframes. Pros and cons of digital and tangible wireframes will be considered carefully for the designer and developers while creating the website. There is no absolute formula for using a particular wireframe as it depends upon the goal of the team willingness for the end result of the selected tool (digital or tangible wireframe) and users’ level of skill.. 

Keywords: Wireframe, Tangible wireframe, Digital Wireframe