F7-DM4-1 - Special Session: These are the People in Your Neighborhood: Help and Hindrance in Making Sustainable Change

Panels / Special Sessions
Jennifer Karlin1 , Eric James2
1 Minnesota State University, Mankato
2 Iron Range Engineering

This Special Session will engage engineering and computing education professionals in role play and an interactive discussion to explore their assumptions about their colleagues’ response to change initiatives and how to react to those responses. Acting skill is not necessary for role playing; everyone can participate. It builds on the successful work done in developing the Change Champions resources and collaborative inquiry results of engineering education research CAREER network project. Every member of the FIE community, regardless of their institution or job title, is a potential change agent for improving CSET education and needs opportunities to continue building their skill sets. As a special session, we can offer a portion of the needed change management training in an interactive, hands-on manner within the safe environment of FIE. In addition, the nature of this special session allows participants to try a variety of interactions to determine their comfort level with different pathways.