F1-FY4-1 - Challenges and innovations in online teaching during the outbreak of COVID-19 in China

1. Innovative Practice Full Paper
Guiping Zhu1 , Xinjie Yu1, Yingyan Liu1, Ying Yang1, Xiaorong Xie1
1 Electrical Engineering Department, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

2019 novel coronovirus pneumonia (NCP) quickly spread in China at the beginning in 2020. As  part of the fight against NCP, all students were required to postpone their return to school, whereas China Ministry of Education hope that teaching and learning can be carried out in time so as to decrease or even eliminate the negative impact of the students’ following self-development. Taking our course of “Principles of Electric Circuits” as an example, this paper presents an innovative online teaching and learning scheme of fundamental courses of engineering, including pedagogical design, technical platform and students’ feedback.

The most important online pedagogical design includes adjustment of length of each lecture, contents distribution for preview, real-time online lecturing and review, rich interaction in class time and so on. Thereby teaching quality and learning experience can be kept up with those of tradition teaching as much as possible.

There is no doubt that online lecturing is the key link of this innovative teaching and learning scheme. In order to attractive attention of the remote and distributed students, rich interaction is necessary and effective, while it depends on the help of advanced technical platform, thus teachers only need to focus on pedagogical design and teaching contents. RainClassroom is an original smart  add-in of Powerpoint developed by Tsinghua University. It can help teachers and students interact by single-choice questions, multi-choice questions, barrage, and submission of text, graph and short video during lecturing, and students only need Wechat to participate the interaction. Board-writing and screen-sharing are also available for teachers. The key point is that all data of interaction is automatically collected by RainClassroom, and teachers can download the abundant data of students’ learning behavior and outcome at any time by logging in its website. Thereby teaching effect is digitized and measurable, and process assessment is possible. Some real data of our courses will be analyzed and shown in the final paper.

As discussed in the latest research of education, qualitative evaluation is as important as quantitative evaluation, students’ feedback of mainly qualitative index through questionnaire will be collected, including satisfaction of teaching, goal achievement of learning, additional pressure of the new scheme, and so on. By analyzing the feedback and data further innovative improvements will be proposed and implemented.