S1-DISC2-2 - An Overview of Signal Processing Engineering Education in China

1. Innovative Practice Full Paper
Yanpin Ren1 , Qing Zhuo1, Yi Yang1, Changshui Zhang1
1 Tsinghua University, Beijing, P. R. China

This Innovative Practice Full Paper presents a survey on how signal processing engineering education has been carried out in China. Although courses on signal processing vary from university to university in China, they mainly fall into four categories: courses on principle, method and technology, application, and implementation. Along with the theoretical teaching of these courses, increasing emphasis has been put on the practical part. Engineering education on signal processing has been put into practice over decades through the design and implementation of multi-level in-curriculum experiments, project-driven training, cross-disciplinary contest, and a whole-semester graduation project. Manifold tools and platforms have been adopted or established to enhance the diverse laboratory teaching of signal processing. These tools and platforms include hardware circuits, software tools, and hardware platforms based on embedded processors.