F10-DISC1-2 - Using Modular Strategies and Outcome-Based Education for Improving an Embedded Systems Design Laboratory

2. Research-to-Practice Full Paper
Danilo Rojas1 , Manuel Jimenez1, Aidsa Santiago-Roman1
1 University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus

This Research to Practice Full Paper presents how modular design techniques aided by an Outcome-Based educational framework, can be incorporated in an Embedded Systems Design laboratory to improve student learning. Teaching embedded systems design concepts and enhancing students' skills in this area are important tasks for universities in order to provide an up to date education. To achieve this, the laboratory objective, content, pedagogical methods, and assessment activities were aligned using an Outcome-Based educational framework to ensure proper student learning. The modular approach was applied to pedagogical methods through the design of a set of progressive laboratory experiments and six electronic educational modules. Using this approach effective laboratory experiments that promoted better student learning, in the area of embedded systems design, were developed. As a result, the overall laboratory student performance was improved and therefore the proposed methodology was validated.