T6-AL1-4 - Project-led PBL with a Mixed-Mode Approach for a Midterm Freshman Course in Electrical Engineering Realizing All-Electric Powertrains for Vehicles

1. Innovative Practice Full Paper
Erland Strömstedt1
1 Uppsala University, Department of Electrical Engineering, Division of Electricity

This Full Paper on Innovative Practise introduces a successful pedagogical approach to active student learning and student centred teaching in a large project course in electrical engineering for 70 midterm freshmen students in two educational programs at Uppsala University. Each program is challenged with the complex electrical engineering task of realizing an all-electric powertrain from component level for a passenger car. The first two rounds of the course struggled and not until the presented approach was taken into practise were the main project objectives achieved. The principles for the approach are based on project–led PBL with a so-called mixed-mode approach by adding a variety of supporting content supplied through various teaching methods and by applying adapted concurrent project management methods. The paper addresses the arguments for the approach, the course design, objectives, and some of the successful solutions over the last 6 years. The approach has been evaluated by extensive written student course evaluations, student examination results, the experiences of the team of teachers from faculty, and compared over time. It is shown how the approach effectively enables achievement of the project and learning objectives, increases subject interest, provides valuable experiences from a project work environment, and in the process inspires and motivates students towards a career in engineering, thereby increasing the retention within the education. Both students and teachers have greatly appreciated the course and it is likely that the presented approach can be used also in other similar project courses in engineering.