F3-O/LT2-1 - Are we ready to use mobile devices in higher education? A case study from a central-eastern European university

2. Research-to-Practice Full Paper
Malgorzata Rataj1 , Joanna Wojcik1
1 University of Informaton Technology and Management in Rzeszow

While international research indicates the positive impact of using tablets in teaching, successful implementation of mobile learning (m-learning) is no matter of accident but depends on users’ approach to and acceptance of such technology. In this study, we examine whether students of the private European University are technologically ready for m-learning. We also sought to predict students’ intention to use m-learning in future classes. To answer the research questions, a survey was administered to 640 students, and text-based answers were transformed into numbers. We then analyzed the questionnaire data and formulated 6 hypotheses, which were verified using a nonparametric method. The results revealed that participants are mentally and technologically ready for m-learning. They not only have positive attitudes towards m-learning but are also highly motivated to use mobile devices in their future education. Moreover, students already use mobile devices to support their learning despite it not being formally included in the curriculum. In analyzing what factors make students accept or resist m-learning, we found the technological maturity of our students—in this case to be vital. Furthermore, m-learning is a promising pedagogical technology to be implemented in higher education environments.