S10-O/LT8-3 - Redesigning the Online Video Lecture Player to Promote Active Learning

2. Research-to-Practice Work In Progress
Ian Walk1 , Arnold Yim2, Ed Novak3, Charles Reiss1, Daniel Graham1
1 University of Virginia
2 Bridgewater College
3 Franklin and Marshall College

This Research to Practice Work-In-Progress paper examines video lecture interactions and engagement boosting techniques. Posting video lectures online allows lecturers to extend their impact beyond the classroom. However, conventional video players may not be the best way to distribute lecture video content. When we looked at audience retention data for videos, we found that the watch patterns for lecture videos differed drastically from the watch patterns observed for non-lecture videos. In particular, we found that students were more likely to replay or skip sections of lecture videos than they were with non-lecture videos. Given these differences in viewing patterns, we created a new custom video player that is better suited for lectures to enhance student learning and to give instructors valuable feedback. Our custom video player has three main features: it logs student interactions to help instructors identify topics that students might struggle with, it allows students to search for key words in the video, and it has an integrated quiz tool to enhance active learning.