S2-O/LT5-1 - A Comprehensive Study on a Presentation Education Method Applicable to Higher Education and Industry

1. Innovative Practice Full Paper
Junko Toyoshima1 , Shinya Doi2, Hiroshi Ueda1, Yuji Tokiwa1
1 Hosei University
2 Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.

     This Innovative Category Full paper presents an integrated approach of a presentation education method utilizing the web-based Presentation Education Assistance System (PEAS) and video self-reflection to enhance presentation skills of users in extended fields.
     In FIE 2016, we presented the development of the first-generation mobile-friendly PEAS and its implementation to sophomore STEM students' Presentation Skill course. The results showed that PEAS, together with video self-reflection, enhanced students' solo presentation skills and improved instructor's classroom management in terms of promptness, utility, and accuracy.
     In FIE 2018, modifications of PEAS for group activities to expand its application domain to STEAM-based educational fields were presented. From the results, we confirmed the effectiveness and acceptability of the upgraded PEAS for both individuals and student groups in various educational disciplines.
     This paper describes the potency of the method in industry by examining the results of the users with diverse academic backgrounds, specializations, job types, and age. In this study, we aimed to verify the inclusiveness of the proposed method in enhancing the employees' presentation skills at a corporate research institution. A wide variety of employees, regarding job types, specialization, academic background, and age, work at the institution. Despite the diversity, the employees should know how to present their opinions and deliver information to accomplish their tasks. To this end, the institution held a training program for younger employees, age between 25 and 30, to improve their presentation skills in the diversified mixed working environment.
     After receiving an intensive lecture on presentation skills, the participants in the presentation training program were split into teams of mixed members. They made two team presentations, which were videotaped and evaluated both by other participants and the supervisors using PEAS. After their performances, each participant checked the peer evaluation results and the recorded videos of the team presentations and wrote self-reflection reports. Following the two team presentations, each participant made a solo postcard presentation about his/her work (research), which was evaluated both by the team members and the supervisors. In experimenting, three research questions were posed: 1. Does the proposed method of combining PEAS with video self-reflection refine the participant's presentation skills? 2. Is there a correlation between the participant's self-reflection and the performance of the postcard presentation? 3. Is it possible to apply the proposed method to an employee training program in industry? Research showed that the results of the second team presentation, evaluated both by the peers and the supervisors, improved compared to the first one. Furthermore, the results of the postcard presentation suggested that the majority of the participants developed their presentation skills, especially physical messages, through self-reflection. Finally, the results demonstrate that the proposed method was effective even in the employee training program of the corporate research institution. Based on these findings, this full paper verifies the all-round utility and potency of the proposed method in industry as well as higher education.