T6-AD1-2 - Emotions in engineering education: Towards a research agenda

3. Research Work In Progress
Johanna Lönngren1 , Tom Adawi2, Maria Berge1, James Huff3, Homero Murzi4, Inês Direito5, Ulrika Sultan6
1 Umeå University
2 Chalmers University of Technology
3 Harding University
4 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
5 University College London
6 Linköping University

This Work-in-Progress research paper describes preliminary work on a research agenda for emotions in engineering education. Emotions play an important role for teaching and learning in engineering education, but research on the topic is scarce. To spur research in this area, the authors participate in an international collaboration that aims to map existing research, identify questions that are under-researched, and outline important questions for future research on emotions in engineering education. In this paper, we describe preliminary work that has been done in preparation of an international symposium during which a first draft of the research agenda on emotions in engineering education will be developed. At FIE 2020, we will present both this preparatory work and the agenda itself. 

Keywords: emotions, engineering education, research agenda