S3-COMP10-4 - Learning via Summarizing Infographics Assignment in Software Engineering Management e-Course?

2. Research-to-Practice Work In Progress
Anneli Heimbürger1 , Harri Keto1, Ville Isomöttönen2
1 Tampere University
2 University of Jyväskylä

This Research-to-Practice, Work in Progress Paper focuses on how learners experience creation of infographics as a summarizing assignment in an advanced level e-course on software engineering management (SEM). We have previously investigated how learners perceive infographics as a repeated reflection assignment during a requirements engineering e-course. To complement this research project, we studied how learners experience the use of infographics as a method for summarizing a whole software engineering management course in e-education setting. The SEM course participants (N=36) found that infographics as a summarizing assignment required complex learning that was altogether deemed highly valuable. Participants reported on a good focus on learning tasks and learning of new skills. The participants who were in working life already found the infographics creation relevant in the light of their work (cf. authenticity). In sum, the creation of summarizing infographics appeared to yield in-depth learning with references to authenticity. The results encourage more research on the topic in computing and engineering education courses.