F6-O/LT4-4 - Behavior analysis of students in video classes

2. Research-to-Practice Full Paper
Francisco Silva1 , Thiago Silva2, Alan Santana3, Eduardo Aranha3

This Research-to- Practice full paper presents the result of a study whose core is characterized by the application of data analysis techniques from the use of video lessons. Distance education contributes to the generation of educational data to conduct investigations of educational processes. Methodologies for the automatic extraction of useful information from large volumes of data, especially data mining, have significantly contributed to improvements in the field of education. However, most traditional methods focus entirely on the data or how it is structured, with no significant concern with the educational process as a whole. Also, little attention has been given to information related to the students' behavior during the use of educational resources and media. Therefore, we consider that examining the students' behavior during the execution of educational videos can contribute to a more accurate analysis of the quality of the resources used, the way they learn, and what factors influence their learning.
Thus, this research to practice full paper presents conducts a study to investigate how students behave during the use of video classes and seek to highlight the benefits of this type of analysis for education. Results demonstrate that evaluating the educational resource through the analysis of the actions involved can contribute substantially to the activities performed by teachers and content makers.