F9-C&D1-1 - A Case Study Exploring Transfer of Pedagogical Philosophy from Music to Engineering

3. Research Work In Progress
Medha Dalal1 , Adam Carberry1, Derek Warmington1, Richard Maxwell
1 Arizona State University

This Research Work in Progress paper presents a case study that demonstrates how a secondary school teacher with a non-STEM background identifies parallels between the engineering design process and music creation to embrace teaching an engineering course for the first time. Multiple interviews and classroom observations were open coded using a two-cycle coding approach to reveal four themes: overcoming imposter syndrome, connections between engineering and music, challenges encountered, and changes in practice. These themes highlight the processes involved in transferring a pedagogical philosophy that can inform future efforts to explore the necessary preconditions for bridging seemingly disparate and unconnected content areas. Further exploration building on these findings will inform efforts to broaden the pool of teachers capable of teaching pre-college engineering classes.