S2-CDISC1-4 - A UML approach for designing a VR-based smart learning environment for programming education

3. Research Work In Progress
Friday Joseph Agbo1 , Solomon Sunday Oyelere1, Nacir Bouali1
1 University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland

This study is a work in progress that aims to design and implement a smart learning environment based on virtual reality technology to aid the teaching and learning of programming concepts. The paper followed the approach of designing and modelling of requirement specification for the intended smart platform. This modelling approach is desirable in satisfying activities that engender the design and prototyping of the smart learning environment based on the design science research method. The study discusses the proposed architecture of the system, modelled the system with UML, presents a scenario-based model for teaching and learning of programming concepts, and connect the outcome to the future research.