F3-O/LT2-3 - Put the students to work: generating questions with constructive feedback

1. Innovative Practice Full Paper
Richard Glassey1 , Olle Bälter1
1 KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Feedback has been long understood to be a vital component of learning. This is
even more important in an online environment, where access to teachers is
limited or unavailable. When online learning material is interspersed with
opportunities for students to test their knowledge, there is a golden
opportunity to give feedback and fix misconceptions immediately. All too often
this opportunity is missed or mishandled in online learning platforms - either
providing no feedback, or providing it at a coarse level of granularity.
Furthermore, generating constructive feedback at a fine level of granularity is
so time consuming as to be prohibitive. In this work, we build upon literature that
has established students can be recruited to generate quality multiple choice
questions, by exploring if students can also generate quality feedback to
compliment the questions they generate. In the first iteration of an
introductory programming course, we tasked 35 students to generate six questions
each over three weeks, and analysed this dataset to generate principles of
creating good multiple choice questions with constructive feedback. In the
second iteration of the course, we repeated the same task, but provided students
with the principles. The results showed an increased occurrence of good feedback
when compared to the previous iteration with minimal need for additional
intervention by teachers.