F2-AL3-1 - Study on an Adaptive Learning Support System Design based on Model-based Development

2. Research-to-Practice Work In Progress
Shin Wakitani1 , Takuya Kinoshita1, Tomohiro Hayashida1, Toru Yamamoto1, Ichiro Nishizaki1
1 Hiroshima University

Recently, active learning that learners proactively learn through group work, group discussion, debate, and so on has been advocated in education. On the other hand, to master basic academic skills, the importance of web-based training (WBT) has also been increased. To present a suitable task for each learner in WBT is important for improving their learning effects.

This research proposes an adaptive smart learning support system, whose target is a typing support system, based on the Model-Based Development (MBD) approach.
The proposed typing support system adaptively adjusts the level of work so that the typing skill of a learner is smoothly grown.
In this paper, the goal of an adaptive smart learning support system is briefly explained, and a concrete design scheme of a part of the support system based on the MBD approach is presented.
This paper also mentions the work in progress of developing an actual typing support system.
In this work, we developed a typing support system that can be implemented the proposed controller. This system can collect learners’ typing results as time-series data: training days, typing speed, mistype ratio, and so on.

Moreover, we consider the issues of the proposed controller in practical application.