F5-O/LT3-1 - Development of individual learning paths system in engineering education

1. Innovative Practice Full Paper
Mikhail Pogosyan1
1 Moscow Aviation Institute

The following publication (as a Full paper) is targeted to “Innovation practice” category.

Keywords: individual learning path, individual development plan, competency center, map of competencies, Industry 4.0, forecast of personnel needs

A set of technological approaches, called Industry 4.0, appeared about 10 years ago. The modern technological era is inextricably linked with project management, integrated programs and research, IT solutions, including the use of artificial intelligence in all areas of activity, as well as with interdisciplinary approaches. Therefore, a new interactive environment of education and science is emerging among universities, research centers, industry and enterprises.

The new environment puts forward new personnel training requirements. Taking into account the explosive pace of development and introduction of technologies, today advanced engineering universities together with the industry form a real-time forecast of personnel needs and the map of competencies of the future.

The system of engineering education is based on the principles of individualization of educational and professional paths, practical orientation, development of soft skills, mobility.

Personal education path - it's not just a student's choice, but it's very labor-intensive, properly designed work of educational institution, where not only the whole university is engaged, but also its partner employers.

The Moscow Aviation Institute is implementing the integrated concept of "personalization". The peculiarity of individual learning path at the university is that at the first stage of its formation the potential direction and place of professional activity are determined, the necessary competencies to be acquired are accounted, and an individual development plan is formed. The holders of the typical student paths at Moscow Aviation Institute are the internal employer-divisions - Competency Centers, which have become the integrators of forward-looking technologies and are conducting a large number of projects commissioned by the industry. Also, the MAI Competence Centers help students to form the path to the professions in demand in the future, providing an opportunity for practice and mastering additional engineering, technological and managerial competences.

Students comprehend their personal learning pathways at three levels. First at the level of the educational program through the identification of elective courses and places of practice after consultation with the tutor. Second, at the academic level, they master the chapters and topics that are the most relevant to student's current or future professional activity. Finally, a commited student can use internships, hackatons, Academic exchange and many other ways to form a unique path, outside the formal learning process.

At the same time, an important task is the formation of healthy competition between students in obtaining access to certain modules of individual path.